Our window and door systems have been designed with the intention of improving the thermal performance of any property.

Thermally efficient modern PVCu window and door systems.

Our modern multi-chambered PVCu window and door profiles offer excellent thermal insulation, as the gaskets and weathertight seals shut out draughts while the glazing reflects the heat back in to the property.

For example, our Advance 70 window and door system is a  5 chamber window and door profile system and when installed with RTR Bar within the profiles, greatly reduces the heat loss from a property.

Our technical department can assist you with energy ratings and U values for your windows and doors, using simulation software that provides a vast and comprehensive range of frame and glass options.


We can help you with your next project specification requirement.

"Selecta Systems have a complete package of technical support to help you comply with building regulations, thermal efficiency and U value legislation whilst providing customers with accurate, verified window and door fabrication and installation specifications."

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What you need to know about the recent changes to Building Regulations

All new builds are to be zero carbon ready in support of the UK's bid to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Building Regulation Changes in 2022

In December 2021, The Department for Levelling Up, Homes and Communities (DLUHC) announced a raft of changes to Building Regulations, which came in to effect from 15th June 2022. This guide is aimed at helping you to understand the new regulations and to ensure that your projects are fully compliant.

Why Are Building Regulations Changing?

While uplifts around ventilation come from Public Health England data on indoor air pollution, the bulk of the building regulation changes in 2022 are part of the roadmap to the 2025 Future Homes Standard. A key part of this Standard is that all new builds are zero carbon ready in support of the UK’s bid to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

According to figures from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, heating and powering buildings currently accounts for 40% of the UK’s total energy usage. So, by implementing new building regs that help reduce the need for heat and power in buildings, the UK can make great strides towards its carbon zero ambitions.

The new regulations also affect the refurbishment and replacement window and door market.

Changes in 2022

The two Building Regulation changes that directly affect our industry are Document F (ventilation) and Document L (heating and energy). These will have an impact on both new builds and existing homes.

New minimum efficiency standards – In new and existing domestic builds, there will be a lower set of U-value for walls which affects windows, doors and rooflights.

Ventilation and indoor air pollutants – Background trickle ventilators will be required in new and existing domestic builds.


Conservation of fuel and power - As of 15th June 2022


The performance of replacement windows must be no worse than the windows being replaced, but with a minimum performance as per below:

Uw 1.4 W/(m2K) or Window Energy Rating Band B

DOORS >60% of internal face glazed
Uw 1.4 W/(m2K) or Doorset Energy Rating Band C

Where a dwelling is extended by adding a conservatory or porch, the work is exempt from energy efficiency requirements, under Regulation 21 of the Building Regulations, if all of the following apply:
1. The extension is at ground level.
2. The floor area of the extension does not exceed 30m2.
3. The glazing complies with Park K of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations.
4. Any wall, door or window that separates the extension from the dwelling has been retained or, if removed, has been replaced with a wall, door or window.
5. The heating system of the dwelling is not extended in to the conservatory or porch, neither does the extension have its own fixed heating appliance.


Minimum Performance Targets

Uw 1.2 W/(m2K) - Frame Factor = 0.7

DOORS >60% of internal face glazed
Uw 1.2 W/(m2K) - Frame Factor = 0.7

The above values are Uw values - Whole window U values

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Ventilation - As of 15th June 2022


Replacement windows should be fitted with trickle vents regardless of whether the windows being replaced had vents in them or not, if no background ventilation alternative is being installed.

Habitable rooms and kitchens: 8000mm 2EA.

Bathrooms (with or without a toilet): 4000mm 2EA.

Addition of a wet room to an existing building: 5000mm 2EA.

Addition of a habitable room to an existing dwelling (if existing room has less than 5000mm 2EA): 10,000mm 2EA.

If the existing dwelling has continuous mechanical extract ventilation fitted then 4000mm 2EA is required in habitable rooms.


Using Natural ventilation with background ventilators and intermittent extract fans guidance (suitable only for less air tight dwellings)

For dwelling with multiple floors:
Habitable rooms and kitchens: 8000mm 2EA
Bathrooms: 4000mm 2EA
Sanitary Accommodation/Utility Room: No minimum

For single storey dwellings (e.g flats):
Habitable rooms and kitchens: 10000mm 2EA
Bathrooms: 4000mm 2EA
Sanitary Accommodation/Utility Room: No minimum

There are some sub-rules:
Seek expert advice should the dwelling have a single exposed façade, or at least 70% of its openings on same façade, or the kitchen has no windows or façade for vents.
If kitchen and living room not separate, at least 3 vents of same EA as for habitable rooms should be provided in that space.
Total number of vents in habitable rooms and kitchen should be at least 5, or 4 if one bedroom property.
If a bathroom has no window or external façade through, which a ventilator can be installed, the minimum equivalent area specified should be added to the ventilator sizes specified in other rooms.


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