Your own dedicated and personal technician, to assist and help with all your technical and training requirements.

Your personal technician is on hand...


Selecta Systems Technical Support Team provide you with a dedicated support, guidance and training package from day one.

Providing you with a wealth of knowledge and experience your personal technician and supporting team, help make that initial transition as smooth as possible with minimal disruption to your business.

Set-up and conversion to our ADVANCE 70 System is a smooth and easy process, with the technical department and your assigned technician on hand at all times.

It doesn’t end there with training and continued ongoing support just a call away.


We've always spoken about how important we value the personal, flexible and comprehensive service and support side of the business. It’s an area we have always seen as key and it’s no different when it comes to the technical service and support side of the business. We genuinely see our technical department as an extension to your business, providing an array of technical information, assistance, on-site training and guidance alongside our internal and external technical support services to customers.


Quality. Reliability. Trustworthiness... Embrace change with Selecta, don’t fear it, as there are plenty of reasons to #bepartofthefamily and join the many fabricators making that change!


Conversion from your existing profile system to our ADVANCE 70 System is dealt with efficiently and effectively with minimal disruption, as Paul French of P&P Trade Windows & Doors explains...


P&P Trade Windows & Doors Paul French shakes hands with Selecta Systems Sales Director Andy Green.

Every fabricator has some kind of fear of changing profile system supplier, but here at Selecta we make the process as smooth and non-disruptive as possible. In fact here’s what P & P Trade Windows & Doors had to say, after 16 years with their previous profile system, they chose to fabricate the Advance 70 System.

“The thing for ourselves was that, when you’ve been with a supplier for over 16 years, you are very apprehensive about change, but I must say it’s been a revelation and total breath of fresh air. So much so, it’s now something I wish we had done some time back!”

“The transition was smooth and very well organised, with very little or no disruption to our fabrication, something that we feared at first, but it was handled so well by all involved at Selecta and fitted in nicely with our own operations. Our fabricators have been impressed with the ease of fabricating the Advance 70 System, with our trade customers very complimentary in regards to the quality of the window and door solutions provided.”

“What has impressed my colleagues and myself the most is the personal relationships we have already been able to build with Selecta and the team, the proactive and down to earth approach to building up those relationships and the promptness of those responses. We get to speak directly to those who make the decisions, those that can help and don’t have to wait days or weeks for a reply! The longest I’ve waited is an hour, whereas I was lucky at times to get a response from my previous supplier! It’s very straightforward with Selecta, they will help and bend over backwards, if and when they can, but will be honest and upfront if they can’t. We like the honest approach, at least you can plan around that.”

“The whole ethos of Selecta is spot on and fits perfectly in to P&P Trade Windows & Doors ethos and values. We are really looking forward to a bright and promising future with Selecta, the Advance 70 System and the range of window and door solutions we can offer our trade customers.”

“All-in-all, Selecta have delivered on everything that they promised. We now have a relationship with our supplier, something we lost with our previous profile system supplier. We now have a window and door profile system and supplier that meets ours and our trade customer’s expectations. We are so pleased to have made the decision to ‘be part of the family’...”

Paul French
P & P Trade Windows & Doors